"Full Throttle", High Performance, Offshore Powerboat Coverage

Is your Vessel a minimum of 26' with a hull value of at least $50,000?

Total Dollar’s exclusive "Full Throttle", High-Performance, Offshore Powerboat Coverage is for fast Vee hulls to 130 MPH & even faster Catamaran hulls to 160 MPH. (some prior ownership / experience required!).
Is your HP boat a minimum of 26' with a hull value of at least $50,000.00? Whether you have a vessel for weekend pleasure boating or you are heading out on a offshore fun Poker Run, no matter the make or brand of boat... we can get you covered!

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· Liability Limits from $100,000 up to $10,000,000 (max $300,000 in Texas)
· HP vessel values up $1,000,000.00
· Vessel top speeds up to 160 MPH
· Single, twin and triple engines
· Personal Effects and Fishing Gear available
· Underwater Machinery Damage
· Named Windstorm and Hurricane Coverage available
· Medical and Uninsured Boater included

· Boating Safety Courses (USCG, USPS, ASA, State),
· Automatic Fire Systems,
· Winter Lay-up and Storage (up to six months),
· Fresh water uses only,
· Clean MVR reports,
· No prior losses or claims in the past three years,
· Prior boating experience, etc.
· Diesel Engines
· Boats less than or equal to five years old